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Lexington Medical Center Research Files, 1966-1990
One and one-quarter linear feet, 1966-1990, represent research files (including letters, news clippings, memos, note cards, interview forms, outlines and departmental reports) assembled for the writing of a history of the Lexington Medical Center, which began in 1971 as the Lexington County Hospital. They document the work of the institution from its first month of operation in January 1971 to the establishment of satellite centers across the county and the opening of a comprehensive women's hospital. Of particular significance is a lengthy "rough draft" copy of a typescript entitled "The History of Lexington Medical Center."

Among the miscellaneous printed items in the collection are specimen copies of the hospital's newsletters, published under various titles through the years (the first issue of Copywrite [January 1977], ten issues of Lexicon [July/August 1980-Summer 1986], nine issues of Intercom [July 1987-July 1990]); and of its publication To the Point (three issues, July-September 1990), a news sheet distributed to the Medical Center's physicians. Also included are copies of two booklets, To serve, to teach, to heal . . . The Physician at Lexington County Hospital and 10 Years of Caring! Lexington County Hospital 1971-1981; sample copies of annual reports ([1979], 1980-1981, 1982-1983, 1984) and of Quorum (five issues, April-September 1990), a monthly newsletter published for hospital trustees by the South Carolina Association of Hospital Governing Boards.

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