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Foot Point Land Company Ledger (Beaufort District, S.C.), 1864-1866 and 1877
Manuscript volume, 1864-1866, 1877, Foot Point Land Company ledger documents the acquisition of acreage in St. Luke's Parish, Beaufort District, on the Colleton River, the process by which the purchasers and other investors were incorporated by act of legislature in December 1864, and the stockholders' plans to develop a city on the site.

At a meeting of the stockholders on 18 July 1865 James M. Eason was elected president and William Gregg, Jr., E.M. Seabrook, and George A. Bowman were named directors. Minutes of the 27 November 1865 stockholders meeting reveal something of the fledgling company's circumstances - - "Since the organization of the company nothing has been done in consequence of the political condition of our country, and uncertainty as to the policy of the Government in respect to our landed property and the personal liberty of our people."

Eason's remarks go on to suggest that the time "now approaches when...we may make a few advances towards the development of our resources & introduce to notice the great advantages of our location for a city on deep water." He proposed that they act "to secure a charter for a Rail Road leading from Foot Point to some point on the Savannah River looking to the interior & the west" unless the existing Port Royal Rail Road could "be diverted to makes its terminus at Foot Point."

Subsequent records indicate that a charter was granted to the Deep Water & Western Rail Road Company and that the officers planned to have lithographic maps made as well as coast survey charts showing the area's advantages as a harbor and the projected enterprises in full. The final recorded minutes, 16 February 1877, indicate that Eason was re-elected president of the board and was to be reimbursed the state taxes he had paid on the property.

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