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Letter, 28 December 1840, Mary Stanley Bunce Dana to the Rev. Artemus Bullard
Letter, 28 December 1840, of Mary S[tanley] B[unce] Dana (1810-1883), Charleston, to the Rev. Artemus Bullard, St. Louis, Mo., concerns the publication and distribution of Dana's book The Southern Harp: Consisting of Original Sacred and Moral Songs, Adapted to the Most Popular Melodies: For the Piano?forte and Guitar

"I received a letter from you...respecting the "Southern Harp" which I am now publishing. It gratifies me very much to find that you approve my plan. So far as I have known, it has met with the decided approbation of the wise and good, and I have had so many cheering letters of encouragement from those whose good opinion I value, that if I had ever doubted the expediency of such an effort, my doubts would be, by this time, completely removed."

"I made arrangements for its publication in Boston," she goes on to say. "It is being published by Parker & Ditson, the largest music publishers in the city. When I last heard from them, it was nearly completed; I am hoping to receive them every day." Regarding sale of the book, Mrs. Dana wrote - -"The bargain I have made with them is this; I am at liberty to take at the cost price aand sell on my own account, as many copies as I please, of this, and all future editions, and for every copy which they sell, I am to receive 10 cts. It therefore behooves me, to sell, through the kind assistance of my friends, as many copies as I can. I think a goodly number would find a ready sale in St. Louis."

After discussing the means by which copies could be shipped from Boston to St. Louis and sending her remembrances to Mrs. Bullard, the letter closes, "I remember with peculiar feelings, my visit to the west. How could I but remember it? The scene of my joys and sorrows and rich consolations. The streets of St. Louis, particularly, seem to me like consecrated ground."

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