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Letter, 19 April 1847, from Andrew Cornish to John Hamilton Cornish
Letter, 19 April 1847, from Andrew [Cornish], Abbeville, to his brother, J[ohn] H[amilton] Cornish, Aiken, discusses various matters relating to the Episcopal church in upstate South Carolina. Both brothers were ordained Episcopal priests. "I was unexpectedly called to lay the Corner Stone of The Epiphany Laurens on the 14th inst.," Andrew reported. "Dr. Henry & Shand were written to, but neither came, so I did the work alone. I selected a short service from the P[rayer] Book, & delivered a brief address."

"You have probably ere this heard of the proceedings of the late Quarterly Meeting of the Managers of the Adv[ancement] Society," the letter continues. "If not, this is strictly inter nos. No appropriation was made to Abbeville. Why? Trapier, it seems, seconded by S. Hanckel has seen fit to revive the charges wh. cost me a journey to Charleston some two years ago, - -Trapier & Sass, you remember, then acknowledged themselves satisfied with my explanations, & promised me to see that the matter spread no further. But now Trapier & Hanckel, in a joint letter to me say, they have revived the matter because, they think I have not shown myself sufficiently penitent....I suspect, however, it was your recent sermon before the So. that they had in mind. And, as you are now out of their reach, they have thought good to see what they can do with me. The same men I think once refused to vote you a salary at Sullivan's Island."

The Advancement Society, also known as the Church Foundation or Society for the Advancement of Christianity in South Carolina, supported the development of mission congregations in the state. J.H. Cornish had been a missionary for the Advancement Society at Grace, Sullivan's Island, from 1843 to 1846. Andrew Cornish was the first regular rector of Trinity, Abbeville. He resigned in 1848 due to lack of funds for his support.

The letter also discusses the design and inscription for a tombstone for the Cornish brothers' parents.

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