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Estate Documents, 16 and 30 July 1860, of Col. Willam Wright of York District
Two manuscripts, 16 and 30 July 1860, relate to the last will and testament of Col. Willam Wright (ca. 1798-1857) of York District. An official copy (30 July 1860) of the will, signed by Wright on 13 June 1857, outlines in great detail the disposition of a large estate.

Wright, a merchant by trade, lived in York but owned other residences and lots in town as well as farm land nearby. While his wife Mary received all of the houses, lots, and land, his niece Margaret E. Wright was to receive them at Mary's death. Wright and Mary Murphy married in York on 27 November 1823. They apparently had no living issue at the time of the will, so most of his stocks were divided among his brother, J.L. Wright, and various nieces and nephews, mainly McElwees. His portfolio consisted of shares in the Banks of Hamburg, Chester, Camden, Newberry; and in the State of North Carolina, Commercial Bank of Columbia, Peoples Bank of Charleston, South Western Rail Road Bank, South Carolina Rail Road Company, King's Mountain Rail Road Company, and Graniteville Manufacturing Company.

Wright also held half interest in Wright's Ferry on the Catawba River. Other legatees included the minister of the Yorkville Associate Reformed [Presbyterian] Church, the Synod of the Associate Reformed [Presbyterian] Church, South, and the Yorkville Female Collegiate Institute. The 16 July item includes extracts and clauses from the deceased's will relating to the distribution of South Carolina Rail Road Company and South Western Rail Road Bank stock. William Wright died in York on 22 September 1857, and his obituary appeared in the 10 October 1857 issue of the Yorkville Enquirer.

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