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"Entfesselt den Tiger nicht!" [Broadside], 24 July 1863 (New York)
Printed manuscript, 24 July 1863, German-language broadside printed in New York, "Entfesselt den Tiger nicht!"or "Do Not Unchain the Tiger!," is signed in print "Ein Demokratischer Arbeiter" or "A Democratic Worker" and was issued at the time of the draft riots in New York City.

The opening paragraph reads-"Whereas the traitors of South Carolina have decided in the Charleston Convention to destroy the alliance and the democratic principles of a free government in America, whereas they have fired upon Fort Sumter, and I realized that the separation of the Southern States from the Union would stir up a terrible war, I, therefore, said to myself and to them: Do Not Unchain the Tiger!"

The broadside further urges workers to refrain from being roused to "lawlessness and acts of impiety" by "well-dressed demagogues" who "safely stand aside in the bylines"-"Workers! If anyone attempts to influence you against the law and seeks to stir you up to act unlawfully, while he himself stands far away from the line of battle, go ahead and knock him down as your bitterest enemy, destroy him, as if he were a snake. The patriotic worker of the North is no murderer, he finds no satisfaction in killing his fellow man. Be wise, and before all-Do Not Unchain the Tiger!"

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