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Selected List of Gifts of
Printed South Caroliniana, 2001

  • American Automobile Association, Strip Map: Athens to Spartanburg, and Reverse. Washington, D.C., 1918.

  • American Automobile Association, Official AAA Road Map, of Southeastern States. Washington, D.C., 1931, 1938.

  • American Automobile Association, Direct Routes to Washington, Yorktown, Virginia Beach and the South. Washington, D.C., 1932.

  • American Automobile Association, Maine to Florida, US-1. Washington, D.C., 1929.

  • American Oil Company, Streamlined Strip Map: Maine to Florida, with Connecting Routes (Self-Routing). Chicago, 194-.

  • Automobile Blue Book Publishing Company, The Automobile Blue Book: Touring Information for the Year 1916. Volume 6: The Southeastern States. Chicago, 1916.

  • Beers' Carolina, and Georgia Almanack, for the Year of Our Lord 1826. Charleston, 1825.

  • Charleston Constructors. Charleston, n.d. Chiefly photographs of the firm's South Carolina projects.

  • Civilian Conservation Corps, Fourth Corps Area, Special Recipes Coming Up: Bakers and Cooks School No. Fourth Corps Area, CCC, Winnsboro, S.C. [South Carolina, 193-].

  • Clason Map Company, Clason's Guide Map of the United States. Denver, 1919.

  • Annie T. Colcock, Poems. Columbia, 1924.

  • George F. Cram Company, Railroad Map of South Carolina. Indianapolis, 1948.

  • Earl L. Crum, History of the Sixty-second Pioneer Infantry, Camp Wadsworth, South Carolina. Spartanburg, 1919.

  • J.W. Daniel, A Ramble Among Surnames. Nashville, 1893.

  • The Donohue, Henneberry edition of The Works of William Gilmore Simms. 17 volumes, Chicago, 1890.

  • John R. Freeman, Earthquake Damage and Earthquake Insurance.... New York, 1932.

  • The Gate of Opportunity for the Educational and Industrial Uplift of the Colored Children of the South, Mayesville Institute, Mayesville, South Carolina. New York, 1921.

  • John N. George, English Guns and Rifles; Being an Account of the Development, Design and Usage of English Sporting Rifles and Shotguns.... Plantersville, 1943.

  • William C. Geraty Company, Yonges' Island, Some Facts on Cabbage Profits for all Truckers. Harrisburg, Pa., [191-].

  • Greenville Woman's College, Student's Handbook. Greenville, 1923.

  • DuBose Heyward, Porgy. Paris, [1947].

  • DuBose Heyward, Porgy. Paris, 1929.

  • Maximilian LaBorde, Story of Lethea and Verona. Columbia, 1860.

  • John Lane and Douglas Whittle, The Dead Father Poems. Spartanburg, 2000.

  • John Mayer, organist, The Southern Chant Book of the Protestant Episcopal Church, Arranged for the Use of Choirs. Columbia, 1861.

  • Samuel George Morton, "Notes on Hybridity, Designed as a Supplement to a Memoir on That Subject in a Former Number of This Journal," Charleston Medical Journal and Review, 1851, Parts 1 and 2. Philadelphia, 1851.

  • Samuel George Morton, "Hybridity in Animals and Plants, Considered in Reference to the Question of the Unity of the Human Species." Extracted from American Journal of Science and Arts., vol. 3. New Haven, 1847.

  • Samuel George Morton, Letter to the Reverend John Bachman, D.D., on the Question of Hybridity in Animals, Considered in Reference to the Unity of the Human Species. Charleston, 1850.

  • Samuel George Morton, Additional Observations on Hybridity in Animals, and on Some Collateral Subjects; Being a Reply to the Objections of the Rev. John Bachman, D.D.. Charleston, 1850.

  • John C. Mulford, National Highways Map of the United States Showing Principal Transcontinental Highways and Connecting System of One Hundred Thousand Miles of National Highways Proposed by the National Highways Association.. Washington, D.C., 1915.

  • North Carolina Good Roads Association, Road Maps and Tour Book of Western North Carolina Containing Maps of Main Travelled Highways of Western North Carolina. Together with the Highways from Greenville to Spartanburg, South Carolina, into Asheville and Also Brief Descriptions of the Counties and Cities in the Section Covered by the Maps. Chapel Hill, 1916.

  • Parker House. Newberry, S.C.: $2.00 Per Day. Liberal Terms by Week or Month. Good Sample Room for Traveling Salesmen. Newberry, [188-].

  • Patriot and Mountaineer (Greenville), 27 December 1860 issue.

  • Peoples Advocate (Anderson), 7 January-30 December 1895.

  • William H. Roberts, Hints and Helps for National Guardsmen. A Hand-book for the Militia. New York, 1880.

  • William Gilmore Simms, The Yemassee, A Romance of Carolina. New York, 1853. Inscribed to Edw. St. Geo. Cooke from John Esten Cooke.

  • Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Second Annual Catalogue of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Greenville, South Carolina. Charleston, 1861.

  • Waddy Thompson, Letter of General Waddy Thompson, upon the Annexation of Texas: Addressed to the Editors of the National Intelligencer. Washington, D.C., 1844.

  • United States Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Soils, Conway Sheet Surveyed by W.J. Latimer and Cornelius Van Duyne. Washington, D.C., 1909.

  • Wofford College. The Record. Spartanburg, 1913.

  • Ruth Dantzler Wolfe, Private F.W.D., 1861-1863: Experiences of Private F.W. Dantzler During the War Between the States. Orangeburg, 1936.

  • Woman's Exchange Cook Book. Charleston, [191-].

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