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Henry DeSaussure Fraser Letters, 2 Apr. 1859 and 6 Apr. 1860 [Addition]
Two letters, 2 April 1859 and 6 April 1860, of Henry DeSaussure Fraser (1828-1895) are addressed to Jane E. Ladson, to whom Fraser was married in 1859. The earlier communication chides Jane for the formality of her previous letter's salutation and then describes in detail a wedding in which Fraser had participated as a groomsman, with comments on the bride's dress and veil, the countenance of various members of the wedding party, and the "magnificent collation" that followed, at which "champagne and punch circulated freely." "I need scarcely tell you...that I was an exceedingly interested spectator of the ceremony and watched the forms and behavior closely," Fraser wrote, "and now I think that I am perfect and ready for the Earliest day that is appointed."

The 6 April 1860 letter compliments Jane for having "improved decidedly" in her writing skills. "I wonder if you went to church today,"it goes on to question. "This is another Birthday for me for I was born on Good Friday. I suppose that accounts for my growing old so fast-having two a year where everyone else has but one." The letter also makes reference to health problems facing Jane and Hal and mentions a visit from Dr. Geddings-"his manner was warm his conversation agreeable & instructive he made particular inquiry after you-his bruised nose does not disfigure him & he really looks handsome notwithstanding that he still carries Wm. Henry's patch."

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