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Henry Campbell Davis Papers, 1845-1864
Nine manuscripts, 1845-1864, of Henry Campbell Davis (1823-1886), of Ridgeway, Fairfield District, and other family members include a letter written by Davis from the Secession Convention in Charleston. Davis was one of the signers of the Ordinance of Secession.

On 21 December 1860 he wrote his wife from St. Andrew's Hall to inform her that on the preceding day "the ordinance was passed which carried So[uth] Ca[rolina] out of the Confederacy, and she is now the sovereign and independent Commonwealth of So[uth] Ca[rolina]." Davis went on to give an account of the signing ceremony and the public celebration outside Institute Hall. He was anxious for news of his family and eager to return home, "but from the course things are taking no one knows when we will adjourn."

The convention was in secret session in Charleston when Davis wrote his son Means from St. Andrew's Hall on 2 April 1861-"therefore I cannot tell any thing that is going on." He requested that his son inform him of Mr. Neely's progress in preparing the fields and also offered detailed instructions regarding what he wanted done. A letter, 10 June 1864, of E[dwin] F[aust] Bookter to Colonel Davis reports on his recovery from a wound and discusses the death of his brother Nathan who "was killed on the 22nd June by a stray ball...which entered his left breast killing him almost instantly." Although "it really seems that all to me on this earth is gone," he was consoled that "Nat had joined the church and all his letters home and to his wildest friends leave no doubt on our mind but that he is better off."

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