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Crawford Family Papers, 29 June 1857-22 November 1858
Five manuscripts, 29 June 1857-22 November 1858, of the Crawford family are comprised chiefly of letters from Edward Clark and Fletcher Mangum, of Chesterfield District, to Daniel and Neill Crawford, of Coosa County, Ala., conveying news of family members in South Carolina and community happenings.

Among the letters is that of 29 June [18]57 from Edw[ar]d Clark to Dan[ie]l Crawford, mentioning the stillbirth of a son and commenting on price increases due to the bitterly cold winter-"I heard of some cattle freezing in the lots....I had no stock to die but the ears and tails froze off of some of them." Another letter from Edward Clark, 11 March 1858, to Neill Crawford describes a sleet storm that had damaged timber in the neighborhood-"their has been more timber destroyed than all the destruction in 20 year put together the small timber in our piny flats is badly damaged and the limbs of the large timber fell off and a goodeal turned out of the root we have had three snows since and very cold weather." Clark goes on to comment on court cases in Chesterfield District, including trials for murder, arson, and theft of cows and hogs-"we had two criminal cases one for murder though he was acquited as he commited in self defence the other for house burning he was also acquited though some thinks he was gilty." In addition, there had been "other cases of negro trading retailing & disorderly houses."

On 22 November 1858 Fletcher Mangum wrote from Chesterfield District to Neill Crawford noting area deaths due to typhoid fever, discussing a court case in which he was representing Crawford's interests, and expressing a desire to move from South Carolina if Crawford could locate suitable land-"I am now in the notion strong of selling & moving to some better country if I can you no that my family is large & expensive and that I am hard run to live in this poor land country now you no that I had as soon depend on your Judgement as any man in such a case & if you are traveling any where through that country & see a place that you think would fit me make some inquiry what such places would be...I would want some improvement & good water & tolerable range I would like a place of good land or tolerable good land where poor land would join it so that there would be no danger of hem[m]ing me up."

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