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Papers of the Colcock and Hutson Families, 1874-1925
Six manuscripts, fourteen manuscript volumes, and fourteen photographs, 1874-1925, chronicle the alliance of the Colcock and Hutson families resulting from the marriage of Theodora Olivia Colcock and Charles Jones Colcock Hutson (1842-1902). Theodora was the daughter of William Ferguson Colcock (1804-1889), a native of Beaufort who practiced law in Beaufort District. Colcock was a member of the state legislature between 1830 and 1847, including six years as Speaker of the House of Representatives. Elected to Congress in 1848, he served three terms. Then in 1853 he was appointed Collector of the Port of Charleston and held this position until his resignation in 1861. He subsequently continued in this capacity under the Confederate States government. After the war, Colcock resumed his law practice in Hampton and Beaufort counties. He died at McPhersonville in 1889. Colcock was married twice-first, in 1829, to Sarah Huguenin, who died five months later; then, in 1838, to Emmeline L. Huguenin. Colcock's autobiography, which is included in the collection, provides a detailed overview of his life.

Charles Jones Colcock Hutson, son of Richard W. Hutson and Sarah M. McLeod, was born in McPhersonville. He graduated from South Carolina College in 1859 and read law before joining the First South Carolina Volunteers (Gregg's Regiment) in 1861. Hutson was engaged to Emmeline Colcock before entering service, but she died in late 1861; he later married Emmeline's sister Theodora. After the war he returned to McPhersonville and about 1868 formed a law partnership with W.F. Colcock. Hutson later served in the state legislature, 1878-1890, and was a member of the 1895 Constitutional Convention. That same year he was appointed Clerk of the United States District Court by Judge William H. Brawley. Hutson held this position until his death in 1902. His son, Richard W. Hutson, was deputy clerk. The elder Hutson also served as a trustee for South Carolina College.

Of primary interest within the collection is a diary in twelve volumes kept by C.J.C. Hutson, 1880-1890 and 1892. Although Hutson used the diary to record daily temperatures and weather conditions, he also included notes on the comings and goings of friends and relatives, Presbyterian church services, his court cases, routes of his travels around the state and country, and crop conditions at his and other nearby plantations. When Hutson was away for several days, his wife or someone else in his household would make the daily entries, which are contained in issues of Miller's Planters' and Merchants' Almanac, a Charleston imprint.

Although Hutson was a staunch Democrat and participated actively in local Democratic clubs and state Democratic conventions, he recorded little about state politics until 1890. He did not seek re-election to the state legislature that year but went to Columbia and on 25 November noted that the "House & Senate organized today-with the Tillmanites in full force-& all old officials turned out." On 4 December he wrote-"B.R. Tillman inaugurated Governor today! What a blot on South Carolina!" A few days later, 13 December, the diary records-"J.L.M. Irby was elected U.S. Senator in place of Gen. Hampton on 11th a Shame to South Carolina!!" News of the State Democratic Convention results in August 1892 occasioned similar sentiments-"heard the news of Tillman's election-another term for the Slanderer."

Several diary entries refer to the earthquake of 31 August 1886, which was felt by Hutson and his family. Others concern the health and well-being of his family. Although the diary mentions no serious family sickness until 1885, Huston noted on 12 November that daughters Sallie and Emmeline had been struck with what the doctor thought to be diphtheria. The following day he reported the deaths of eight-month-old Emmeline and six-year-old Sallie. "I have never before among eight children had one sick enough to feel any anxiety for its recovery," he observed. Sallie and her father had shared the same birthday, and for the next two years on his birthday he recorded how old Sallie would have been. Not long after their deaths, Hutson contracted malaria and for the rest of his life was plagued with bouts of malarial fever, some severe.

Among other items of note is an undated Civil War era list of contributors for making a flag that "The ladies propose presenting to Capt. Wm. Haskell's Company 1st Regiment S.C.V." Silk for the flag was given by Miss Floride Cunningham. A crop lien between William C. Bee & Co. and C.J.C. Hutson and G.G. Martin for Tomotley plantation, 9 January 1874, is annotated in pencil "our first venture." Hutson also owned or held an interest in Ocean, Savannah, and Heyward Hall plantations, all adjoining Tomotley. An autograph album, 1877-1892, belonging to Adelaide "Ady" Colcock includes signatures and verses of friends and relatives; many of the later entries contain notations of deaths and marriages.

Accompanying the collection are fourteen photographs, principally of the C.J.C. Hutson family. There are likenesses of C.J.C., Theodora, and their sons James G., Richard W., and William C. Hutson. James' high school class in Charleston was photographed by E.N. Tilton, View Photographer, of Charleston. A tintype of Theodora was taken at the same time as the tintype of an unidentified child, probably her sibling. Also included are a daguerreotype and an ambrotype of William F. Colcock and a painted photograph of his daughter Annie T. Colcock. South Carolina photographers represented include George S. Cook, George LaGrange Cook, Clarke's Studio, W.P. Dowling, Jr., E.N. Tilton, and Leidloff's Fine Platinotypes, all of Charleston; and Simpkins, of Greenville.

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