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Letters, 1832-1834, Smith, Mowry & Co. (Charleston, S.C.) to Messrs. W[illia]m R. Bowers & Co.(Providence, R.I.)

Three letters, 1832-1834, from the Charleston mercantile firm Smith, Mowry & Co. are addressed to Messrs. W[illia]m R. Bowers & Co., Providence, R.I., and document antebellum trade between Northern and Southern seaports.

The first letter, 26 December 1832, to Capt. William R. Bowers, includes a statement of account and notes—"Nothing new here and but very little doing in consequence of Nullification which seems to have stopped all business of late so we would not wish to receive any more goods until things become more settled." A subsequent letter, 19 July 1834, reports that Smith, Mowry & Co. had disposed of a cargo of molasses and menhaden fish, but the sugar would not sell because of its inferior quality. The final letter, 25 October 1834, acknowledges a shipment of sugar, paper, and fish and speaks of increased sales—"the weather is now fair and trade begins to start quite brisk. Cotton...sells as fast as it arrives."

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