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Henry Albert Setley Broadside,
" Naval Expedition to Port Royal," 7 Dec. 1861

Printed manuscript, 7 December 1861, broadside, "A Few Rhymes on the Naval Expedition to Port Royal," signed in print by poet Henry Albert Setley.

This Union army patriotic verse was printed at Camp Pierpoint, Va., and boasts of the success of Pennsylvania regiments in taking Port Royal, Hilton Head, and Beaufort:

We're now across the famed Potomac,
To fight the Rebels we have come,
The Yankee fleet has shelled Port Royal,
And struck Secession deaf and dumb....
And now the South is sunk in sorrow,
The old Palmetto Flag is down,
The Stars and Stripes are proudly floating,
On Hilton Head, and Beaufort Town....
Now to conclude and end my rhyme,
A few remarks I now shall make,
Southern Chivalry's not worth a dime,
And the North it is too wide awake.

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