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John Brownlee Robertson Autograph Album, 1828-1829

Manuscript volume, 1828-1829, of John Brownlee Robertson, Yale College autograph album. South Carolinians represented include Dan[ie]l Townsend, Edisto Island; Fred[eric]k A. Porcher, Pineville; and Tho[ma]s H. Gregorie, Beaufort.

Inscriptions, such as the following, penned by Bostonian Ezra Palmer, Jr., speak of the camaraderie between school mates soon to be parted by distance and time: "So it appears that soon I shall grasp probably for the last time (gloves off, then) thine old right hand, which hath so often been engaged, in company with your friend's, in forwarding to the face, something agreeable to the taste, pledges in fact of mutual respect & esteem. Soon...shall we be separated by an extent of territory, which it is impracticable at all times to pass over, seeing that such places as N[ew] York, Philadelphia, &c. Intervene, where they sell Porter but not withstanding the distance, Jack, I shall often think of that reckless laugh of thine, which seemeth as if it would bury the eyes o' thee in the superior part of thy face: and that laugh recurring to me, will introduce the form entire of Jack Robertson, in propria persona."

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