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Ravenel & Company (Charleston, S.C.) Records, 1860-1870

One hundred eleven manuscripts, 1860-1870 and undated, relate to the long-standing firm of Charleston factors and commission merchants Ravenel & Company. Chiefly correspondence and bills of lading with agents in Liverpool, Ireland, New York City, Georgia, and Charleston, the documents provide information on the price of cotton, corn, lumber, and shipping during this period. Writing on 11 April 1867, H.F. Russell of Augusta, Ga., noted a risk in the shipping businessó"The R.R. agt. Informs me that 1 B/c `Dexter' for Messrs. King & Son, Providence, shipped yesterday, has been eaten by cows, before being received at the Depot."

As agents of Adger's Wharf, Ravenel & Company received an unsolicited estimate from E.A. Roye on 9 July 1867 for painting and repair of tin roofs, including composition of the paint and a list of references. Of special interest is a letter, 14 December 1865, from Benj[amin] Baugh Smith, Sr., to William Ravenel announcing his candidacy for physician to the poor and enumerating some of his qualifications. Smith indicated that he was "instrumental in having the City Dispensaries...opened after the Evacuation of the City" and that he sent "communication to the Commanding officer of the City in March last, which led to the appointment of officers for the relief of the sick poor, a very large class, as seventeen hundred have already received the benefit of this one office alone."

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