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Addition, 1880, 1932, and Undated, to Papers of Anita Pollitzer

Three manuscripts, 1880, 1932 and undated, added to the papers of Anita Pollitzer (1894-1975), feature a communication from Anita to her sister Mabel in Charleston in October 1932, utilizing as stationery a typed letter, 3 October 1932, she had received from Edith Houghton Hooker, of the Maryland Branch of the National Woman's Party, requesting direction from her regarding enlisting the aid of that year's presidential and congressional candidates "in the [women's] campaign" and asking her to continue furnishing editorials for the NWP paper.

Anita's handwritten message to Mable concerns the sudden death of Ella Isabel Hyams (1877-1932) one of Charleston's best known church organists of the time, a piano and voice teacher, charter member and "guiding spirit" of the Musical Art Club, and founding director of the Charleston Orphan House chorus. "I felt too," Anita wrote her sister, "that without her Charleston & the activities you participated in would be a different place....I think she was a big person for many reasons."

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