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C.H. Lynch Affidavit, 15 June 1866

Manuscript, 15 June 1866, memorandum signed by C.H. Lynch documents his efforts to locate Capt. J.T. Rich, formerly of Co. I, Third Regiment, South Carolina Cavalry, whose horse had been loaned him to ride home "a few days before Gen. Lees surrender."

"This man is probably the owner of a Horse loand me by Coles," the manuscript reads. "I met him going South from Lynchburg with the most of the horses & waggons he had under his care at Lynchburg loaded with all he could carry all the Horses & waggons I believe he had fell into the hands of the enemy—perhaps he was robd of some horses & most of his load before the enemy got them I kept the Horse from the time I road him until some time in January last having more horses that I wanted at the time I sold him...on a credit until July next for one hundred & fifty Dollars. I was lucky enough to save the horse from being stolen or captured he would have been if Coles had kept him. I shall write to some prominent persons in different parts of South Carolina enquiring for Capt. Rich if I can hear from him & the horse proves to be his must pay him what may be right when collected."

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