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Letter, 3 November 1845, Andrew Johnston, Greenville, S.C.,
to the Rev. C.C. Pinckney, Flat Rock, N.C.

Letter, 3 November [18]45, of Andr[ew] Johnston, Greenville, to the Rev. C.C. Pinckney, Flat Rock, N.C., gives directions for the care of Johnston's pigeons at Beaumont and asks that Pinckney have someone there tend to preparations for the provision of the flock for the winter.

"We had quite a rainy day on Saturday," Johnston went on to say, "and sometimes it came down heavily, but `we pursued the uneaven tenor of our way' and arrived at Lynch's in good time, and yesterday we reached here in time to attend the Church Services of the Methodists. Your little Tabernacle looked quite deserted and neglected. No account yet of Mr. Dennison." The Rev. H.M. Denison had assisted Pinckney in his labors as rector of Christ Church, Greenville, during 1845.

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