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Addition 1900-1974, to Papers of Katherine Bayard Heyward (1886-1974)

Seventeen items, ca. 1900-1974, added to the papers of Katherine Bayard Heyward (1886-1974) are especially noteworthy for the visual record they provide of Miss Heyward and her family, that of Governor and Mrs. Duncan Clinch Heyward, in the way of nine photographs spanning at least three quarters of a century. Feature articles and copies of her obituary document the life and work of this artist and instructor under whose leadership the University of South Carolina Art Department was established. A letter of 26 November 1968 from John Richard Craft, director of the Columbia Museum of Art, to Peggy Belser Hollis pays tribute to her Aunt Katherine's "endless gifts to the formation and progress of the Columbia Museum of Art" and states that the Museum "is a monument to the desire and devotion of Miss Katherine Bayard Heyward to the cultural interests of her City."

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