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Hasty's Wonder Remedy Co. (Sumter, S.C.) Undated Broadside

Printed manuscript, undated, broadside circulated by Hasty's Wonder Remedy Co[mpany], Sumter, advertises "Hasty's Health Restorer," a patent medicine "Prepared by a State Registered Druggist from Purest Drugs." Describing it as "A Tonic for Men, Women, and Children," the broadside touts the remarkable qualities of "A medicine that stands alone and has no equal""Hasty's Health Restorer will positively cleanse your stomach and intestines as will no other medicine, and has taken the word Indigestion from the vocabulary of the thousands who use it. Hasty's Health Restorer has no equal for Kidney and Bladder Inflammation, and has been known to relieve rheumatism after everything else has failed....Hasty's Health Restorer assures a clear and charming complexion. Pimples, Blackheads and Boils disappear after using two or three bottles. It will make you well and keep you well; give you strength and vigor....Hasty's Health Restorer takes the place of calomel without restriction of habit or diet....There are very few people in this world today who feel so well that a few doses of this medicine would not give them a new lease on life. It clears up the complexion, makes the eyes bright, quickens the senses, and is a most wonderful tonic and appetizer."

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