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Aimar and Company
Chemists and Apothecaries (Charleston, S.C.)
Addition, 1871-1882, 1910, and Undated

Two hundred seventy-two manuscripts, 1871-1882, 1910, and undated, added to the records of G.W. Aimar & Company, Chemists and Apothecaries, Charleston, consist principally of letters to George Washington and Charles P. Aimar from physicians and others around the state ordering prescription drugs and medical supplies.

T.P. Bailey, a physician and druggist from Georgetown, was a regular customer and often included local news in his letters. "Nobody can find fault with old Georgetown at present," Bailey wrote on 8 July 1876, "for I will lay a wager there is not a healthier town in the U.S. The consequence is very little is done professionally or apothecarily." Other orders were for articles not related to medicine. Impressed with Aimar & Company's ability to locate obscure items, Dr. G.I. Odom of Blackville wrote on 8 July 1877 requesting a "binding rock ball" and rule book for his sons' newly organized baseball club.

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