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Inventory Of Jesse Whitmire's Estate (Union County, S.C.), 14 December 1854

Manuscript, 14 December 1854, sale inventory of Jesse Whitmire's personal estate is a citizen's copy of the version filed in box 38, package 28, of the Union County Probate Court estate papers. Whitmire had died intestate during a visit to the state of Mississippi, and on 5 September his widow and relations had petitioned the court for settlement of the estate.

Jesse Whitmire (1804-1854) was a grandson of George Frederick Whitmire, the original German immigrant whose descendants operated the crossroads store at the present site of Whitmire. Keeping store seems to have been a Whitmire family tradition. In 1842, George B. Tucker's petition to the legislature mentioned a store operated by a Mr. Whitmire (possibly Jesse) in the Maybinton section of Newberry District. In 1854, Jesse was definitely in the retail business, for many of the items in his estate bill of sale are from his store inventory, including "7 Spelling Books," "Lot Violin Strings," "1 Lot Licorice," "4 Boxes Bed Bug specific," "1 pr Buck skin Gloves," "1 pr Goat skin shoes," "1 fancy cane," "1 smoothing Iron," and "1 Spider or Skillet."

At the time of his death, Jesse Whitmire had his plantation and store at the Cross Keys House in Union District. The dwelling house, constructed in 1812-14, faced milepost 68 on the old Buncombe Road. Jesse's widow, Mary Bobo Whitmire, remarried in 1858 and became Mrs. Warren E. Davis. On 30 April 1865, according to family tradition, she played hostess to Confederate president Jefferson Davis at the Cross Keys House during his flight from Richmond.

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