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John Southmayd Letter, 14 November 1803, Charleston, S. C. to John R. Watkinson, Middletown, Ct.

Letter, 14 November 1803, from John Southmayd to John R. Watkinson relates to trade between Charleston and Middletown, Ct., in the early nineteenth century. John Revell Watkinson (1772-1836), the probable addressee of the letter, built Middletown's second woolen factory, established in 1814.

The 1803 letter notifies Watkinson of Southmayd's safe arrival in Charleston and reports the prices at which he sold his cargo of wine, butter, cheese, and onions. It further advises-"If you can by up 10 or 15 Tuns of Hay and get it Prest so as to send it on as soon as the river Opens I will send the mony on to pay for it as soon as I get an answer from you; if you can Get 8 or 10 Hund. of butter that is Good and send it on as soon as you Can; I will send you the mony as soon as you send me wood if you can get it."

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