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Selected List of Printed South Caroliniana, 1998


H. F. Brooks, Words of Comfort to All Who Sorrow for the Pious Dead: But especially to My Co-Worker Elder J.S. Murrow, and the Surviving Relatives of Sister N.E. Murrow. Charleston, 1860.

Arthur B. Cooke, With the Tourist Tide. New York, 1907.

Guy Davenport, DaVinci's Bicycle. Baltimore, 1979.

Samuel Dickson, Oration Delivered Before the Convention of the Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternity, Held at Washington, D.C., December 28th and 29th, 1858.

R.M. Loughridge, Dictionary in Two Parts: English and Muskogee, Muskogee and English. Philadelphia, 1914.

Ephraim E. Myers, A True Story of a Civil War Veteran. [York, Pa.], 1910.

John Phillips, A Short Treatise on Divine Prescience, To Which Is Affixed, A Letter on the Subject of Guile, Addressed to the Rev. Mr. S--H. Together with Remarks on a Conversation Between the Rev. Bishop C--Ke, and the Author; and Some Strictures on a Sermon Preached by the Rev. Bishop A- B- Y-, at Charleston, South Carolina. New York, 1798.

Benjamin F. Porter, A Vindication of the Profession of Lawyers. Athens, Ga., 1849.

Clements Ripley, Murder Walks Alone. New York, 1935.

Clements Ripley, Gold Is Where You Find It. New York, 1936.

Katherine Ball Ripley, Sand Dollars. New York, 1933.

Katherine Ball Ripley, Crowded House. New York, 1936.

Robert W. Sanders, An Early History of the Adelphian Literary Society of Furman University. Greenville, 1913.

John Taylor, African Rifles and Cartridges: The Experiences and Opinions of a Professional Ivory Hunter With Some Thirty Years of Continuous Living in the African Bush (Published by Thomas J. Samworth Small Arms Technical Publishing Company, Georgetown). Harrisburg, Pa., 1948.

Cornelius Walker, Memoirs and Sermons of the Rev. William Duval, City Missionary, Richmond. Richmond, 1854.

M.L. Weems, The Drunkard's Looking Glass. Charleston, 1950.

Emmett Williams, Selected Shorter Poems, 1950-1970. Stuttgart, Germany, 1978.

Emmett Williams, William Copley, Iannone. Aleph, Alpha and Alfalfa. Berlin, Germany, 1993.


Allen University. The Allenite. Columbia, 1938.

Automobile Blue Book Publishing Company. Official Automobile Blue Book, 1921, 1926. New York, 1920, 1926.

By-Laws of the Patrons & Farmers Mutual Aid Association, Orangeburg, Orangeburg County, South Carolina. Adopted May 24th, 1880. Charleston, 1880.

Catalogue of the Moses Levi Memorial Institute, Manning, South Carolina. Manning, 1900.

College for Women, Columbia. The Joggler. Columbia, 1908.

Correspondence Between the Rev. Messers. Dana and Smyth. Through the Mediation of the Hon. R.B. Gilchrist and the Rev. Dr. Bachman. Charleston, 1847.

Crane, Boylston & Co., Importers and Jobbers of Foreign and Domestic Goods, Notions and Small Wares. Memorandum Book. Charleston, 1869.

Evans & Cogswell. Map of the Seat of War, in South Carolina and Georgia, 1861. Charleston, 1861.

Greenville Woman's College. Entre-Nous. Greenville, 1913.

Manual of Subordinate Granges of the Patrons of Husbandry Adopted and Issued by the National Grange. Philadelphia, 1874.

Map of the Coast of South Carolina. United States Coast Survey, 1935.

Map of Port Royal, Beaufort and Vicinity, with a Plan of the Southern Atlantic Coast..., in Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper. 23 November 1861, p. 8.

Map of the United States of America Showing the Boundaries of the Union and Confederate Geographical Divisions and Departments, Dec. 31, 1860. Plate 162 of The Atlas to Accompany the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, 1861-1865. Washington, D.C., 1891-95.

Memorial of Banks in Charleston Praying for the Remittance of Penalty Incurred and Paid Under the Act of 1840. [Charleston, 1840?].

Memorial of the Greenville and Columbia Railroad Company. [Columbia], 1866.

S. Augustus Mitchell, County Map of Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina. n.p., 1860.

The Newberry Music Club, Program, 1943-44; 1944-45; 1946-47; 1947-48; 1949-59. Newberry.

North Greenville Baptist Association, Minutes, 1891; 1898; 1910; 1921; 1925; 1926; 1928; 1929; 1930; 1931; 1933; 1934; 1935; 1937; 1939; 1944; 1945; 1947; 1949; 1951; 1952; 1954; 1955; 1962.

North Greenville Courier. Tigerville. Vol. 17, no. 2 (16 June 1900).

North Greenville Mirror. Tigerville. Vol. 1, nos. 3, 11, 13 (6 February, 5 June, and 12 June 1902).

North Greenville Baptist Academy, Announcement, 1916-1917; 1922-1923; 1923-1924. Tigerville.

North Greenville Baptist Academy and Junior College, Catalogue and Announcements, 1942-1943. Tigerville.

North Greenville High School, Catalogue, 1900-1901; 1901-1902; 1903-1904; 1906-1907. Greenville.

Pine Forest Inn-Summerville, South Carolina Winter Resort. Philadelphia, ca. 1911.

Stono Phosphate Company, Handbook and Almanac for 1885. Charleston, 1885.

Wofford Fitting School, The Sentinel. Spartanburg, 1920.

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