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David James McCord , Letter, 15 February 1827, to Carey And Lea, Philadelphia, PA.

Letter, 15 February 1827, of David James McCord (1797-1855) to the Philadelphia firm of Carey and Lea refers to the publication of his legal reports. At that time, the partnership of Henry Charles Carey and Isaac Lea was the leading publishing house in America. They published not only the likes of James Fenimore Cooper but also more weighty and practical tomes like Francis Vesey's Chancery Reports of Great Britain. Carey and Lea sold the major series of English and American law reports through their agent and bookseller P.H. Nicklin. McCord made his mark in antebellum South Carolina as a spokesman for states rights and an editor of the state's important legal documents.

As state reporter, McCord usually arranged for the state printer to publish the law reports, but his press run produced more volumes than were "immediately saleable" in South Carolina. Due to a recent merger in the courts of appeals, he had become responsible for the equity reports as well as the law reports, and he explained to Carey and Lea that he would like to arrange a barter agreement to exchange his unsold books for editions of their reports that he wanted to acquire.

Carey and Lea must have responded by offering a publication contract rather than an exchange, for the title page of the two-volume edition of McCord's Equity Reports that went to press in late 1827 and 1829 lists Carey, Lea & Carey of Philadelphia as publisher.

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