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Addition to the Papers of the Manker and Youmans Families, 1824-1994

Four hundred sixty-nine manuscripts, 1824, 1840-1929, 1994 and undated, added to the South Caroliniana Library's previous accessions relating to the Manker and Youmans families further document the lives of Lewis Manker and Thomas Youmans. The collection includes bills and receipts, as well as land papers documenting the purchase of tracts in the vicinity of Corker Swamp. A 1 January 1854 receipt records the hire of slaves Peter and Jack from W. Preacher as agent for Sarah Preacher.

Among the Civil War items is a letter of 10 February 1863 from Augusta, Ga., cotton dealer E.C. Wade & Company describing how the war had disrupted the sale of cotton-"As long as the buyers thought Charleston & Savannah were in danger they would not buy. It was only after the Yankees had delayed attacking those cities till they were sufficiently fortified to successfully resist an attack and our buyers considered them safe, that cotton began to advance." A post-Civil War letter, 5 March 1867, from Charleston cotton dealer W. Preston Dowling blames the slumping cotton market for the poor sales of Thomas Youmans' cotton. Postbellum labor contracts with Richard Terry and Handy Richardson, 24 June 1871, and Thomas Priester, 14 January 1875, set forth the duties and obligations of sharecroppers. A 15 January 1874 legal form documents attempts to confiscate personal property of Richard and Moses Terry, both of whom were indebted to Youmans.

Also included among the papers is a warrant for the arrest of Thomas Youmans, 2 December 1868, who was charged with failure to pay $250.00 to P.H. Behn. A court summons, 20 January 1871, documents charges brought by H.G. Judd concerning misuse of the "Poor Fund commonly called the Duty Fund" and the breaking of a mortgage agreement.

Late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century papers consist chiefly of receipts and legal papers of Julia and Julius Youmans, including dealings with Charleston cotton dealers Pelzer, Rodgers & Co. and A. Sydney Smith & Son during the 1880s.

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