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William and Hannah Hora, Letter, 22 December 1833, Columbia, S.C. to Jane, New York, N.Y.

Letter, 22 December 1833, conveys holiday wishes from W[illia]m [Hora] and his wife Hannah to their sister Jane in New York. The contents suggest that Hora was not a permanent resident of South Carolina.

Hora may have been trying to earn a stake in business before pursuing other plans-"My views are these, viz.-that I think I can make more money by staying in Carolina; and therefore I think I had best stay, till I make enough money...and then Jersey would be the spot I would like."

In an addendum, Hannah sent the latest news and gossip-"You enquired about Elizabeth Bynum, she is married to a Yankee by the name of Chase and resides in Athens Georgia, she has been married about three months, her Mother and Sister live in Columbia yet."

"Columbia has improved very much lately," the letter continues. "Mr. McLain has built a rail road from the bridge to the uper end of town where the Philips used to live and they have a car for passengers and one for luggage running now, and we have a new brick range of buildings built up opposite the old brick range besides other improvements too numerous to mention."

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