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Addition to William Jennings Bryan Dorn Papers, 1938-1986

The papers of former United States Congressman and Democratic Party chairman William Jennings Bryan Dorn receive regular and significant research use and are one of the largest collections available for study at the South Caroliniana Library. This past year the Library received and processed a small but valuable addition to the collection consisting of approximately one-third linear feet of papers, 1938-1986. Comprised chiefly of correspondence, it reflects Dorn's service in the South Carolina General Assembly, 1939-1940; Douglas MacArthur, 1951-1955; and personal matters, 1980-1986, including the class on Southern politics which Dorn developed with Prof. Ron Romine for USC-Spartanburg.

Material from April 1951 concerns the relief of General MacArthur from duty in Korea by President Truman. Dorn, who had just returned from a tour of Japan and the Korean front, became a staunch supporter of MacArthur. Numerous letters from constituents and others across the country testify to the heartfelt emotions stirred by Truman's action and Dorn's defense of MacArthur. Letters condemning Truman often describe the situation as a crisis of leadership, as in this telegram received from an Anderson doctor-"Isn[']t there something the Congress and the American people can do to get rid of our present bungling President and administration and replace him with General MacArthur before the next election?" Dorn's admiration of MacArthur is reflected in a letter to P.M. Archibald of Massachusetts-"I had a fine trip to the Far East. I visited practically every air base in Japan and southern Korea, went to the front with the Infantry and flew over the front in General Partridge's personal plane. I watched them bomb and strafe the enemy. I also had a delightful talk with General MacArthur for about an hour and half in Tokyo before returning to the United States. I think he is one of the greatest men this nation has ever produced. He has courage and integrity which is something totally lacking in the character of this Pengergast [sic] crowd in Washington." Other materials relate to the possibility of a MacArthur bid for the presidency and his proposed appointment in 1955 as General of the Armies.

Papers of William Jennings Bryan Dorn

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