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Rev. John Hamilton Cornish Papers (Addition), 1858-1860

Five letters, 8 May 1858 - 27 February 1860, are the latest additions to the papers of the Rev. John Hamilton Cornish (1815-1878), rector of St. Thaddeus Episcopal Church, Aiken. They include business correspondence with the Bank of Charleston and with the Charleston booksellers and publishers Russell and Jones. A letter from Bishop Thomas F. Davis, 8 May 1858, discusses plans to meet Cornish in Branchville and hold services. A letter from Mrs. Otis Mills, 27 February 1860, requests that Cornish reserve chambers for Mrs. Stoney at Mr. Schwartz's new hotel in Aiken, where the lady expected to spend a month-"She has been very delicate for some time & our Physician advises her to avoid the month of March in the City [of Charleston]."

There is also a lengthy letter from Peter Arvidson reporting news from Algonquin, Ill., in Cornish's native midwest-"Thank you for your good will to help us, we may yet be in condition to avail ourselves of your liberality, I have not given up all hope, but it is useless to build a church in a village like Algonquin unless the villagers are willing to do something substantial themselves for what cost men nothing they put very little value upon....They have got a preacher now in Algonquin who has created quite a sensation, he has been preaching every evening for several weeks, he seems to have quite a talent for speaking, preaches sermons from one to two hours long and says that he will give them all the preaching they wish for a year to come, when asked at first what denomination he belonged to he answered that he belonged to the Church of God, it is believed now that he will turn out to be a close communion Baptist."

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