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Moses Brown Papers (Addition), 1791-1797

Two documents, 23 August 1791 and 10 January 1797, added to the papers of Moses Brown (1742-1827) pertain to the William, a 277-ton, 95-foot ship built by a Newbury shipyard in 1789 and entered in the port registry that same year. The South Caroliniana Library has acquired the ship's rosters for a 1791 voyage under Capt. William Russell and a 1797 voyage under Capt. William Picket. The documents contain the printed and handwritten terms of the contract and the signatures or marks of the officers and crew. The vessel carried a master, two mates, nine seamen, a cook, and a cabin boy or "green hand." On the 1797 voyage, Captain Picket bought a cargo of rice from Comingtee plantation on the Cooper River, intending to deliver it to Europe. Unluckily, an inspection of his hold showed rotten timbers and forced a return trip to Newburyport, where the repairs could be made more economically.

Originally a chaisemaker by trade, Brown turned his attention to shipping after the American Revolution. In Charleston, Brown dealt most frequently with Joseph Winthrop (1757-1828), the port's most pre-eminent New Englander after Nathaniel Russell. The firm dealt not only in Charleston rice but in merchandise from the West Indies and Northern Europe, with Charleston often scheduled as one stop on a triangular itinerary.

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