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A.J. Anderson Letter, 24 August [1864], Dacusville, S.C.

Letter, 24 August [1864], from A.J. Anderson, Dacusville, discusses the purchase of salt and distillation of alcohol for medicinal purposes in Civil War South Carolina. "I want you to wright to the Governor and counsel for Permition for me to make what whiskey I kneed for medical Purposes," Anderson wrote, "for it is rather hard to hav[e] to pay six Dollars a gallon for it....if we are compeld to adher to the presant arangment we will be compeld to give up the charatable Practice and consequen[t]ly the Poor will suffer." Advising that "there is no stoars in the cuntry where they can get any Laudanum or Parejoric or any thing else," Anderson suggested that he only wanted "to make what I Kneede myself for medisan and medical Purposes" and then concluded-"I would not be Troubled with a still house on my plase for any thing only for the purpos of getting what we ar oblijed to hav for medison."

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