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Walter Lee Plexico papers

Four manuscript volumes, ca. 1880s-ca. 1890s, document the professional output of musician Walter Lee Plexico (1872-1897), who was active in the western part of York County until his untimely death at the age of twenty-five. A gifted man and perhaps even a child prodigy, Plexico organized a sixteen-piece brass band when he was only twelve years old and was able to play and teach every instrument. He conducted singing schools in and around Hoodtown and Blairsville and was extremely popular in the area. He gave lessons on the organ, violin, and guitar. When Plexico died, he left behind a numerous collection of musical compositions and arrangements.

This unit of Plexico's sheet music consists in part of published works by other contemporary composers, but largely the works are Plexico's own original manuscript compositions and arrangements.

Plexico named several of his pieces after towns in York County: "Blairsville Polka," "McConnellsville Grand March," "Sharon Schottische," "Hoodtown March," and "Bullock Creek Grand March." Some have interesting political titles, such as "Tillman's Pitchfork" quick-step or "Bryan's March to the White House" two-step. Others seem inspired by contemporary events and personalities: "Ocean Telegraph March," "Downfall of Paris," and "Oscar Wilde."

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