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Pictorial South Caroliniana

Anonymous, two photographs, ca. 1920s, attributed to Kershaw County, one of an African-American chain gang and one of white sheriff's deputies; both taken in a field.

Wilson & Havens(Savannah, Ga.); undated stereograph, "Every day scene, Beaufort, S.C.," probably of Bay Street, showing establishments of John Cooper and J.M. Crofut, with a street full of people and ox carts.

W.P. Hix (Columbia, S.C.), Wren & Wheeler (Columbia, S.C.), and W.H. Wiseman and Langston (Newberry, S.C.); sixteen cartes-de-visite, ca. 1860s - ca. 1880s and undated, chiefly of unidentified persons. Of special note are two images of photographer P.H. Wheeler taken in his studio and showing his camera.

E. & H.T. Anthony & Co. (New York, N.Y.) [publisher]; undated stereograph of the Charleston Hotel, produced from a negative by Matthew B. Brady.

Anonymous, undated stereograph, showing bird's eye view of Charleston published in American Views, New Series.

J.A. Palmer, (Aiken, S.C.); stereograph, "Earthquake Views, Break in Langley dam," 1886, No. 537 in Aiken and Vicinity series.

Wearn & Hix, (Columbia, S.C.); undated stereograph, "Mrs. Wyatt's Boarding House at Columbia, S.C.," front and side view of house with occupants and servants gathered outside.

George S. Cook, (Charleston, S.C.); undated daguerreotype, sixth plate of unidentified woman with jewelry highlighted in gilt.

Reckling & Sons, (Columbia, S.C.); photograph, ca. 1910, of Shelton baseball team, taken in studio.

Anonymous, James F. Carraway ambrotype, ca. 1861, sixth plate of Carraway (1826-1902), in uniform of Co. E, 10th SCVI, Black Mingo Rifle Guards.

M. Carlisle, (Rock Hill, S.C.); photograph, 1903, "Wreck at Fishing Creek, Sept. 3, 1903, Trestle 50 ft.," of train wreck showing collapsed trestle and train. Incomplete caption on reverse listing killed and wounded; "Property of H.E. McNair, Southern Railroad."

Kensington Art Studio, ((Brooklyn, N.Y.); photograph, 31 August 1886, "View in Charleston, S.C., after the Earthquake."

Harbison Agricultural College Collection (Irmo, S.C.), 1911-ca. 1956
One hundred nineteen photographs and one photograph album, 1911-ca. 1956, from Harbison Agricultural College in Irmo. A Presbyterian Church institution for African-American children, Harbison began in Abbeville in 1882 and flourished under the sponsorship of Samuel P. Harbison. In 1911, it moved to Irmo, became a school for boys only, and added agricultural instruction to its main curriculum. Many students paid for their tuition and board by working on the college's farm. The institution also maintained a coed parochial school for local children. Most of the photographs were made during the tenure of President Calvin Monroe Young (1906-1929). [Editor's note: this name originally published in hard copy version of this publication as "Calvin MOORE Young"; error noticed by a child of C.M. Young and reported to editor, 8 Mar. 2001.]

The collection contains class pictures and student portraits as well as views of students working on the farm, life around the college, and the parochial school. Many of the photographs were taken by Columbia photographers such as Garfield Joyce, Germain Studio, Johnson's Studio, and Richard Samuel Roberts. Other South Carolina photographers include J.H. Collins in Chester, Joyner Studio in Rock Hill, R.K. McAdams in Due West, and Williams Photography in Gadsden.

Egmont von Tresckow Collection, 1916-1926
Eight photographs, 1916, 1925-1926, of Camden lawyer Egmont von Tresckow include two images showing the First South Carolina Infantry in December 1916 after their return from Mexican border service. The remainder of the collection documents von Tresckow's service as American Consul to Chile and his association with the Plebiscitary Commission, Arica-Tacna Arbitration, headed by General John J. Pershing (1860-1948).

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