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Modern Political Collections:
Gifts to the Library in 1997

During the past year, the following collections were opened for research: Modjeska Simkins, the Democratic Women's Council of South Carolina (Papers, 1967-1989), and South Carolinians for Eisenhower (Papers, 1952). Processing continued on the papers of Butler Derrick, Ernest F. Hollings, Harriet Keyserling, Isadore E. Lourie, Robin Tallon, and John C. West.

Modern Political Collections received photographic images taken for Governor Robert E. McNair, 1966-1973, from photographer Bill Barley; additions to the papers of the Democratic Party of South Carolina, Ernest F. Hollings, Harriet Keyserling, the League of Women Voters, John C. West, and William D. Workman, Jr.; and a commitment regarding donation of the papers of former Governor James B. Edwards.

The Thomas W. Chadwick oral history was opened for research. Chadwick served Senator Olin D. Johnston as press secretary, legislative assistant, and campaign manager between 1955 and the Senator's death in 1965. In this interview, he reflects upon his education at the University of South Carolina School of Journalism, his years as a reporter for The State, work as a Senate staffer, and his roles in the presidential campaigns of Adlai Stevenson (1952 and 1956), John F. Kennedy (1960), Lyndon Baines Johnson (1964), and Hubert Humphrey (1968). Other interviews were conducted with Ernest F. Hollings, John C. West, and staff members and associates of Senator Hollings.

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