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Sam[uel] A. Cooley account book

Manuscript volume, 1864-1866, of Samuel A. Cooley, contains cash accounts for his photographic studio in Jacksonville, Fla., 12 March - 5 August 1864 and for his mercantile business in Beaufort, 1865-1866. Cooley, from Connecticut, surfaced in the Beaufort area before the war as a photographer. He stayed in the occupied area as a sutler [i.e. a trader who supplies soldiers with food, drink, and other supplies] and by 1863 had a photographic studio above his store located next door to the Arsenal. Although Sam Cooley sold his photographic business in May 1864 with the intent of returning to the North, he reappeared in 1865, advertising himself as "Photographer Dept. of the South" and selling his wartime photographs. By 1866 Cooley had established himself as an auctioneer, town marshall, and businessman in Beaufort. His account book indicates he sold bread and foodstuffs to various businesses as well as to the General Hospital and the Small Pox Hospital.

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