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Daniel C. Webb letter

Letter, 10 June 1823, of Daniel C. Webb, Charleston, to Capt. Alden Partridge, Norwich, Vt., expresses the former's desire to enroll his son Daniel as a student in Partridge's academy. Advising that he had made prior application to the Secretary of War for his son's appointment to West Point, Webb writesC"I find by your Prospectus that you do not receive students for less than one year, I therefore request you will...inform me, if you would be willing to receive my Son into your institution....I can scarcely doubt in my own mind, that he will be with you 18 or 20 months or very probably close his studies with youChe is now 15 years and 3 months old and has been at (I think) the most respectable academy in our City -- This however is a classical academy, where, but little attention is paid to arithmeticChe has lately been through the Rule of ThreeCis now reading Virgil, Graeca Minora, and Worcester's Geography,Cwith other intermedi-ate Books." Appended is a letter of 12 June 1823 raising further questions regarding expenses and requesting promotional literature on the academy.

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