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Joseph Walden & Co. letters

Two letters, 30 June and 13 September 1810, of Jos[eph] Walden & Co., Charleston, relate to the importation of a cargo of Negro slaves from Brazil after the official abolition of the American slave trade in 1808. The earlier letter, from Walden to Messrs. Chew & Relf, merchants in New Orleans, advisesC"We expect a vessel belonging to our correspondent Theophilo DeMello of the City of San Salvador...to arrive on the coast of Florida in the month of September with the cargo of about 300 Negroes." Noting that "we have been informed that they cannot be landed there without a permission from the Governor of Pensacola," the letter requests the New Orleans firm's "assistance in procuring a permission for the Portugues[e] Ship Bellona, Jaoa Dias de Carvelho Master." Walden further explains that the permission is required "in time to meet his ship at Mobile as she is expected to arrive at that place." The second letter, written in turn by Chew & Relf, brokers, to John Forbes & Company, Pensacola, Fla., informs them that agent Francois de Morant was being sent to Florida and requests assistance in procuring the necessary permission for the "Ship Bellona...to enter and to dispose of her Cargo of Slaves at Mobille."

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