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Dori Sanders collection

Six items, ca. 1990, relate to the publication of Dori Sander's first novel, Clover, by Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill. Among these are a photograph of the author and two promotional publications from Algonquin Books—a booklet written by Sanders entitled "Ideal Land for Farming" and a large multi-fold flyer containing critical notices and comment on the novel and announcing publication of her second book, Her Own Place. Also included are signed printings of Clover: a hardback first edition and a soft-covered presentation set of folded and gathered sheets of the novel prepared for "the friends of Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill."

The principal item in the collection, however, is an original, corrected copy of Clover in word-processed sheaf form. On the title page are the author's name, a York mailing address, and the revelation that the book was originally called "An Empty Doorway."

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