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Pictorial South Caroliniana

E. & H.T. Anthony & Co., publisher (New York, NY); undated stereograph of Charleston, S.C., Bath House Battery, No. 9440 in "Views in Charleston."

G.N. Barnard (Charleston, S.C.); undated stereograph of Charleston, S.C.: White Point Garden—Taken from the Bathing House, Looking North, No. 6 in "South Carolina Views"

Blanchard Art Studio (Columbia, S.C.), two photographs, 1914 and 1915; South Carolina State Fair (Columbia, S.C.) showing canning displays.

Columbia Street Railway Gas & Electric Company Photograph Album (Columbia, S.C.); 1913, taken for J.G. White Company of New York, showing construction of dam at Parr Shoals; and Lexington County, S.C., bridges, and railroad cuts. The album also includes photographs by Blanchard Art Studio (Columbia, S.C.) of a baseball team, individuals, various recreational activities, staged chase of payroll robbers, and news clippings.

George L. Cook (Charleston, S.C.); ca. 1880s; stereograph of Charleston Hotel showing street and nearby buildings.

George L. Cook (Charleston, S.C.); undated photograph, "Birds Eye View Looking East," Charleston, S.C., with view of Broad Street toward Customs House and harbor.

Samuel A. Cooley; stereograph, ca. 1862-1865, of avenue leading to the Barnwell Plantation, Port Royal; Cooley served in Tenth Army Corps.

Gates (Chicago, Ill.); undated stereograph, South Carolina rice field; part of "Picturesque America, New Series: Scenes in the Sunny South."

Ensor Family Collection (Columbia, S.C.); four photograph albums and seven photographs, 1897-1900, 1921, and undated. The albums relate to one of Dr. Joshua Fulton Ensor's sons who served in the 2nd South Carolina Volunteer Infantry and the 27th United States Volunteer Infantry. They follow his time at Camp Fornance and Camp Ellerbe, his cross-country train ride to San Francisco where he boarded a boat for the Philippine Islands via Hawaii. There are also images of family in Columbia and Maryland and visits to Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Niagara Falls, and various New York and Florida locations. Of special interest are scenes of cock fighting, battleships, life onboard ship, electric hansom, military funeral in Hawaii, Manilla street scenes, and a circus arriving in town.

Exchange building (Charleston, S.C.); stereograph, ca. 1880s, showing street and nearby buildings.

Moses Farmer (Sumter, S.C.) Photograph, undated, of African-American boy.

Beulah Glover (Colleton County, S.C.); one hundred one photographs, 1938-1952, recording people and places of the area. Miss Glover operated the Foto-Nook in Walterboro beginning in 1937 and used many of her photographs as illustrations for her articles and books. Of special note in this collection are images of an African-American river baptism.

W.P. Hix (Columbia, S.C.); photograph, 1877, framed composite of Governor Wade Hampton and his State Officers.

John Lightsey Family Collection (Hampton County, S.C.); fifty-two photographs, 1890-1921 and undated, of the family of Frederick Lightsey (1842-1904) and Elizabeth Simmons Lightsey (1856-1942) of the St. Nicholas-Hickory Grove Community near Fairfax, S.C., including a tintype by Willie A. Beach, a cabinet by W.T. Johns in Allendale, S.C., a cabinet by Leidloff's Studio in Charleston, S.C., and numerous snapshots.

Arthur L. Macbeth (Charleston, S.C.); undated cabinet of Miss Kate Dibble.

J.A. Palmer (Aiken, S.C.); stereograph, ca. 1870, of cotton field by showing a group of African-American women and children picking cotton.

J.A. Palmer (Aiken, S.C.); undated stereograph of the Whitaker family, an African-American family in the Aiken area.

J.A. Palmer (Aiken, S.C.); twenty-nine stereographs, ca. 1870s, of Aiken and vicinity and Tallulah Falls, Ga.; views include century plant in bloom, Immanuel Presbyterian Mission building, Highland Park Hotel, railroad cut, view from Prospect Hill showing Horse Creek, Baptist Church, Uncle Isaac selling wood, Clarendon Hotel, ruins of old mill, Presbyterian Church, Ashley House, Sand River, Lady Banksia roses in bloom, Spanish bayonet in bloom, and country cart.

W.A. Reckling (Columbia, S.C.); undated stereograph of State Capitol, No. 6 in "Popular Series of Southern Views."

W.A. Reckling (Columbia, S.C.); four undated stereographs of Columbia, S.C.: post office, Central National Bank (Sylvan Jewelers), Lunatic Asylum (female), and University grounds. Part of Popular Series of Southern Views, published by W.A. Reckling.

Henry E. Rees (Hartford, Ct.); three stereographs, 1908, of St. Thaddeus Episcopal Church, Aiken, S.C., with different views of the church and cemetery

W. Ridgway, engraver; 1863, "Charleston, S.C. and Its Vicinity," bird's eye view looking down Ashley River toward ocean with Charleston on left and features identified. Engraved on steel; published in Virtue & Yorston's History of the Great Civil War.

Sargeant Photo Co. (Columbia, S.C.); undated photograph with panoramic view showing bales of cotton on a lot near the Southern Cotton Oil Company compress building in Columbia, S.C.

S.T. Souder, publisher of stereograph; ca. 1860, "A Plantation Scene, in South Carolina. This picture represents the Negro Quarters on a Plantation, as taken in 1860," Charleston (no. 24 in series), the image shows children grouped outside of houses.

Richard Wearn, photographer, and W.P. Hix, portrait painter (Columbia, S.C.); undated carte-de-visite of John Hillary Gary, with hand-colored image of Gary wearing the uniform of the South Carolina College Cadets.

Welltsood & Peters, engravers; 1855, "Charleston, S.C.," bird's eye view looking up King and Meeting Streets from White Point Gardens; sailing ships around Battery as well as moored at piers on Cooper River; hand colored. Engraved on steel after J.W. Hill and by permission for the "Ladies' Repository," from the Views of American Cities, published by Smith, Brothers & Co.

W.H. Wiseman (Newberry, S.C.); undated carte-de-visite of Dr. David Sheppard, 7th Regiment, South Carolina Volunteers, Confederate States Army; copy of a cased image.

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