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Papers of the Manker and Youmans families

One hundred sixty-eight manuscripts, 1809-1895, of the Manker and Youmans families center around two principal figures, Lewis Manker (1782-1862) and Thomas Youmans. In addition to bills and receipts, Confederate tax-in-kind documents, and land and legal papers, the collection includes military commissions issued to Thomas Youmans. That of 1 January 1849, signed by Gov. Whitemarsh B. Seabrook, commissions Youmans "Cornet of the Prince William Hussars, a corps of Cavalry belonging to the Lower Squadron 4th Regiment and 2nd Brigade of Cavalry, and attached to the 2nd Division of South Carolina Militia." Another, 7 July 1863, signed by Gov. M.L. Bonham, appoints him first lieutenant in Co. D, 2nd Regiment State Troops.

Thomas Youmans is further documented through legal instruments, correspondence, and receipts revealing his involvement as administrator of the estate of Lewis Manker and as guardian of nieces Cornelia and Matilda Youmans, daughters of Stephen P. Youmans. The U.S. oath of allegiance sworn by Youmans at Savannah, Ga., on 25 May 1865 identifies him as a farmer and resident of Allendale, Beaufort District. Thomas Youman's postwar agricultural pursuits are substantiated by a labor contract, 1 January 1866, with freedman Handy Boicker and family. According to the terms of the contract, signed by Youmans and four freed persons—Handy, Moses, Winfield, and Jane—Youmans was to furnish them with "good quarters and lands for cultivation[,] two mules or horses, all necessary farming impliments and to feed said mules or horses at my expense." Youmans was entitled to "use said mules or horses, at any time that will not be detrimental to the crop of said parties" and to "give them the one thirds of the crop raised by them in the year 1866 after deducting for...provisions." The freed persons were to provide their own food, clothing, and shoes and to pay their own taxes and medical bills. Furthermore, they were to forfeit fifty cents for each day's absence from labor, either in sickness or health.

Another member of the Youmans family, Julius P. Youmans, is represented here by two primary documents. An 18 May [18]86 letter from Brig. Gen. John C. Minott, 1st Cavalry, S[tate] V[olunteer] T[roops], offers Maj. Youmans the position of ordnance officer on his staff, and a thousand dollar life insurance certificate issued by Brunson Lodge No. 1005, Supreme Lodge Knights and Ladies of Honor, 3 March 1885, names Youmans' mother, Julia E. Youmans, as beneficiary.

Also significant are a receipt, 20 October 1834, from Seth Daniel to Lewis Manker acknowledging payment of three hundred twenty-five dollars for "a negro Girl named Caty about thirteen years of age" and a unit of antebellum Beaufort District land grants, deeds, and plats tracing the transfer of property in Prince William's Parish, in particular the vicinity of Corker Swamp, and Gillisonville.

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