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William D. Knox papers

Four letters, 1870-1876, to William D. Knox at Davidson College and Kingstree include one from Agnes McDill, New Centre, 8 January 1872, commenting on the Reconstruction-era jailing of citizens charged with Ku Klux Klan collusion—"Every thing quiet in the County. The Marshals are making no arrests & hope they will not but no one knows how soon they may begin. Brother Nixon came to Yorkville to see me. He & I went to the jail to visit some of our friends who are imprisoned there charged with being K.K. They are looking well say they get plenty to eat & nothing to do. Oh! I am sorry for them but cannot do any thing for them except to visit them....The lawyer who is working in their behalf told me he was hopeful he would get bail for them in a few days. Oh! When will this trouble end?"

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