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Micah Jenkins letter to Caroline Jamison Jenkins

Letter, 6 July 1862, of Micah Jenkins to his wife, Caroline Jamison Jenkins, conveys news of the "sad scenes I have passed thru lately," among them the wounding of Caroline's brother, John Jamison. "I feel broke up," the letter suggests, "having lost so many of my best officers and men. My Regt has acted a glorious part in the great battles before Richmond. I have done more and suffered more than any Regt. in the Service. My movements have been acknowledged to have been brilliant, but thus far the authorities seem determined to ignore me." Expressing sorrow over the "death of my noble Major Wm Anderson who died from his wound day before yesterday," Jenkins goes on to comment at some length on the condition of Caroline's brother, who had been wounded in fighting near Richmondó"I telegraphed to your father to come on at once. I hope he received my telegraph. I sent him to Seabrook Jenkins' Room with the request that he would nurse him just as he would me & not let him want any thing money could buy. He will get every attention." Of his own recent wound, Jenkins expressed less concernó"I have not fully recovered the use of my right arm, the muscle seems deadened by the blow of the grape, but I suppose in a week or ten days it will be all right."

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