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National Freedmen's Relief Association records

Manuscript volume, [1865] and 1868, of the National Freedmen's Relief Association includes a tipped-in broadside, [1865], soliciting contributions and directing them to treasurer Joseph B. Collins, New York City—"The undersigned, a Committee appointed at a Public Meeting held at the Cooper Institute...appeal to their fellow-citizens for a prompt and hearty response to the demand for aid, that comes to us from the thousands of Freedmen gathered by Sherman's Army and others arriving constantly within the Union lines. There are now on Edisto Island alone, several thousand—men, women and children—in a state of entire destitution, in whose behalf General Saxton has made most pressing appeals to the benevolence of the country." Signed in print by Charles H. Marshall, W.C. Bryant, Peter Cooper, Eleazer Parmly, W.K. Strong, Francis Geo[rge] Shaw, Robert Lenox Kennedy, John Jay, Joseph B. Collins, Edward F. Davison, and George Cabot Ward.

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