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Cotton Weighers Association of Clio

Fifteen manuscripts, 1897-1904, of the Cotton Weighers Association of Clio document the organization of this farmers alliance charged with annual elections of a cotton weigher for the Marlboro County town of Clio. According to the minutes of the 2 August 1898 meeting, "All white male persons who produce & market their cotton at this place and are 21 years or more of age are entitled to vote at this election." Furthermore, the minutes stipulate that "no one else will be allowed" and specify that a committee be elected "to see that no one votes who are not eligible under the rules of the asociation." Likewise, a committee was to be appointed to purchase scales for the weigher and to test the scales as often as necessary. The person elected cotton weigher was sworn to weigh the cotton at a price of five cents per bale. The majority of the documents are signed by presidents J.T. Covington and John Barrentine and secretary J.E. McLeod.

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