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Clio Educational Society records

Twenty-eight manuscripts, 1898-1905, and manuscript volume, 1888-1897, document the endeavors of the Clio Educational Society formed in 1888 "for the purpose of erecting a school house and to aid the Educational interest of Clio and its surroundings." Unbound items include bills and receipts, minutes, and applications for employment as principal and teacher. Two letters, 29 June 1899, from J. Thomas Moore, Principal, Norway Graded School, to J.E. McLeod, Clio, accept election as principal of the school at Clio and pose questions concerning the availability of housing near the school. Letters of reference written in support of Louis R. Wilson's application for principal include that from University of North Carolina president Edwin Anderson Alderman.

A minute book includes records of meetings of stockholders and directors signed by secretaries J.A. Calhoun, J.T. Roper, and H. Sternberger, as well as the Society's constitution and by-laws, a list of stockholders and roll of subscribers, accounts with teachers, and plans and specifications (1888) for a school house. Clio Educational Society funds were raised by issuing certificates of stock at a value of five dollars per share. According to Society records, "All white persons being the owner of one or more shares in said society shall be entitled to membership and for each share owned be entitled to one vote."

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