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William Baker letter to Mary Baker

Letter, 14 October 1866, from W[illia]m Baker, Parker County, Tx., to his mother, Mary Baker, discusses the difficulties of life on the frontier immediately following the Civil War. Complaining of no protection from the Federal government and of increasing problems with marauding Indians, Baker advised that his family and friends in South Carolina remain where they were rather than move to Texas—"I dont Advise any person to come to this Country At this time without protection...I will Just Say to all of my friends if they can make A Living their in that Country they had beter Stay their than to Break up and Rove over the Country." The letter further reveals something of Baker's participation in the Civil War. Assigned to the "Caverly Servis to drive beef to Vix Burge before the fall of that place," Baker "was Running Stock one cold Sleety day" when his horse fell and he fractured his leg and ankle. Though badly crippled by the accident, the letter suggests, Baker could ride and tend to his herd of cattle and oversee the cultivation of crops.

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