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"Pauline, a Blockade-running ambassadeur of the Late American War" [unpublished novel]

Undated draft attributed on its title page to Rosé Da Guerre. According to the novel's preface—"During the war, and when that unhappy struggle had become one of wavering suspense to the South, the idea was suggested to the mind of the author of this vol. to try the effect of a sensational publication abroad. We were then soliciting for our `Southern Confederacy' the recognition of certain European powers; and it was thought that no harm at least could result from a proper representation of us trans-Atlantic. Accordingly the present outré romance with its veins of comedy & of politics heavily intertwisted, was under many difficulties prepared, our blockade-runner-in-chief consulted; and the MSS. sent over to England. The enterprise however...resulted in a failure. Arriving too late to do our Southern or secessional cause any good, it was not offered to the British press for publication, but retained, and after the war returned to the author. It has this prestige however: that of successfully running the gauntlet of the blockading fleet off Charleston harbour, and at a time most perilous."

"There is a temptation after these years of deliberation & delay," the author continues, "to rewrite the work. To strip it of its crudities, and to make it as a piece of pen-architecture, more tasteful & artistic. But letters have at this juncture poured in upon the writer from her partial MS. readers and they all contain the reiteration of the one appeal viz: `Woodman spare that tree' &c. The printer then will see the very slight loppings that have been made upon the original MS.; and my readers North & South have the satisfaction of knowing that they have under perusal the identical volume sent over to Eng. during the war, and so far as we have heard of, the only diplomatic enterprise of the kind attempted."

A sequel chapter, bearing the name A.H. Nicholes, Fredericksburg, Va., speaks to the plight of the post-war South, with a lengthy defense of the institution of slavery.

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