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John [Preston] Arthur, "Through Southern Eyes.

Undated chronicle by John [Preston] Arthur (1851-1916), entitled "Through Southern Eyes. An Historical Novel of Secession and Reconstruction. By One Who Endured the Trials of Both." The typewritten manuscript, numbering approximately three hundred twenty-five pages, is comprised of loose sheets separated into thirty-seven chapters, with editorial corrections in the author's hand. The title page is signed by Arthur.

This unpublished historical and romantic account of the Civil War is set in South Carolina. Arthur makes note on the contents page—"The historical references are intended to be accurate and just. If mistakes are discovered or injustice is pointed out corrections will be gladly made in advance of publication—if, indeed, such an honor is to be accorded."

Born in Columbia, John Preston Arthur was the son of newspaperman Edward J. Arthur. Arthur taught school in Columbia, worked as an attorney in New York, and later moved to Asheville, N.C., where he worked with the railroad. He published two known works: Western North Carolina: A History, 1730- 1913 (1914); and History of Watauga County, North Carolina (1915). The revenue from Arthur's books was small, and he died in poverty.

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