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James M. Shattuck Letters

Four letters, 16 February 1862 - 3 [April] 1863, from Union soldier James M. Shattuck, 24th Regiment, 2nd Brigade, Foster's Division, Detachment of the 18th Army Corps, to his mother, Mrs. Sally Cloutman, Wenham, Mass., relate news of his regiment's activities, local conditions, and his desire to see no more battles. After landing on Roanoke Island, N.C., Shattuck wrote--"there is between 3000 and 4000 prisoners we have taken...we have taken about 25 canon on the forts...about one hundred buildings they have built for the troops we lost about 25 killed and about 100 wounded." According to Shuttuck, "the rebels were armed with nives and pistols thay was going to cut us up if they could" (16 February 1862).

A year later, Shattuck was in South Carolina, stationed on St. Helena Island, from where he wrote--"we brought about twenty thousand troops with us and I Expect we shall have more then that when we get ready to start we shall make a strike somewere and I hope for the good of the cuntry...we are in shelter tents here two sleep in a tent the tents are made of common drilling about 6 feet square and no Ends to them" (15 February 1863). A month later he noted--"our gunboats are fighting A fort up to savannah these ten days and aint took it yet it is a fort called macallaster we have 8 or 10 iron clad monster here and the forts hit them about Every time they fire a gun and it dont heart them at all" (7 March 1863). Shattuck then moved to Morris Island. Writing on 3 [April] 1863, he reported--"we are about done planting seege guns here on the Iland...thay wont let us write about the seage for fear It will get in the papers."

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