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Selected list of Printed South Caroliniana

Thomas Baldwin and J. Thomas, A New and Complete Gazeteer of the United States, Giving a Full and Comprehensive Review of the Present Condition, Industry, and Resources of the American Confederacy, Embracing, Also, Important Topographical, Statistical, and Historical Information, from Recent and Original Sources..., Philadelphia, 1854.

Camden Confederate, 4 September 1863 issue.

Charleston and the South Carolina Inter-State...Exposition Illustrated--Wagener Day Edition, Charleston, 1902.

Julian J. Chisolm, Opthalmic and Aural Surgery Reports, Baltimore, 1873.

Julian J. Chisolm, What Anaesthetic Shall We Use? (read before the Baltimore Academy of Medicine), Baltimore, 1877.

John T. Darby, Hair as a Suture and Ligature, Louisville, Ky., 1870.

Guy Davenport, The Bowmen of Shu, New York 1983.

Rudolf Eickemeyer, Jr., and Joel Chandler Harris, Down South, New York, 1900.

First Annual Report of the Educational Commission for Freedmen, Boston, 1863.

Karl Hohnstock (comp.), Marche d'Amazones: Pour le Piano Forte,Charleston, 1850.

Benjamin Holme, A Collection of the Epistles and Works of Benjamin Holme. To Which Is Prefix'd, an Account of His Life and Travels, with Work of the Ministry, Through Several Parts of Europe and America, London, 1754.

M. Hornick & Co., Hornick's Bargain House: The House That Made Charleston Famous as a Low Priced Market, Charleston, 1900.

Douglas Kiker, The Southerner, New York, 1957.

Rufus King, Duenna to a Murder, New York, 1951.

R[obert] A. Kinloch, Sarcomatous Fibroma of Upper Jaw (Epulis?), Successfully Operated Upon. Read before the South Carolina Medical Association, at the Annual Session, 1870, Charleston, 1870.

George E. Ladshaw, The Differential Arch Dam, "D.A.D." An Elementary Treatise on Masonry Dams for the Use of Parties Interested in Water Power Development, Including a General History of the Subject, Spartanburg, 1906.

E. Latimer (ed.), Life and Thought; or, Cherished Memorials of the Late Julia A. Parker Dyson, Boston, 1871, 2nd edition.

Ludwig Lewisohn, Israel, New York, 1925.

Ludwig Lewisohn, The Creative Life, New York, 1924.

Ludwig Lewisohn, In a Summer Season, New York, 1955.

Ludwig Lewisohn, "The Modern Novel" (off-print from The Sewanee Review, October 1909).

Ludwig Lewisohn, An Altar in the Fields, New York, 1934.

Augustus Baldwin Longstreet, Letters on the Epistle of Paul to Philemon, or the Connection of Apostolical Christianity with Slavery, Charleston, 1845.

Elliott Crayton McCants, White Oak Farm, London, 1928, 1st British edition.

[David J. McCord], Review of the Plan of Education in South Carolina, Columbia, 1821.

A[lbert] G[allatin] Mackey, The Political Treason of Senator F.A. Sawyer, and Representative C.C. Bowen. Speech of the Hon. A.G. Mackey Before a Mass Meeting of the Republican Party at Charleston, S.C., on the 28th July, 1869, Charleston, 1869.

Achilles Murat, Brieven Over de Zeden en Staatkunde de Vereenigde Staten van Noord-Amerika door Achilles Murat. Uit Het Fransch, Zalt-Bommel, 1834, 2 vols.

Opinion of Chancellor Walworth, upon the Questions Connected with the Late Masonic Difficulties in the State of New York: Together with the Action of the Grand Lodges of Massachusetts, Kentucky, South Carolina, District of Columbia, Rhode Island, and Illinois, upon the Same Subject, New York, 1849.

Francis L. Parker, A Compilation of One Hundred and Thirty-One Cases of Stone in the Bladder, in South Carolina, with Operations, Charleston, 1879(?).

Francis L. Parker, Miscellaneous Cases in Private Practice, with Remarks (from Transactions of the South Carolina Medical Association, 1874), Charleston, 1874.

Francis L. Parker, Ovarian Hernia, (reprinted from The Charleston Medical Journal and Review, October 1876).

Chester Squire Phinney, Francis Lieber's Influence on American Thought and Some of His Unpublished Letters, Philadelphia, 1918.

Ione Robinson, A Wall to Paint On, New York, 1946.

Rules and Regulations Defining the Duties of Officers and Agents in the Operating Department and Regulating the Running of Trains and the Use of Signals on the South Carolina & Georgia Railroad, Charleston, 1895.

Rules for the Government of the Transportation Department of the South Carolina Railway Company, Charleston, 1887.

Rules for the Burial Ground Held by the Third Presbyterian or Central Church, Charleston, for the Use of Its Colored Members, Charleston, 1852.

South-Carolinian (Columbia), 3 October 1844 - 25 September 1845; 1, 8, 22 June, 13 July, 24 August 1847 issues.

Stono Phosphate Company, Almanac for 1871, Charleston, 1871.

Summary of Colportage, by the American Tract Society, in the Year Ending April 1, 1853, with Facts Illustrating Its Necessity, Method, and Results, New York, 1853.

A[nna] F[erraresso] Trevisan, Men and Jackasses: The Journey of Jack Marks and His Brother Howard, New York, 1938.

Josiah Tucker, An Humble Address and Earnest Appeal to Those Respectable Personages in Great-Britain and Ireland, Who, by Their Great and Permanent Interest in Landed Property, Their Liberal Education, Elevated Rank, and Enlarged Views, Are the Ablest to Judge, and the Fittest to Decide, Whether a Connection with, or a Separation from the Continental Colonies of America, Be Most for the National Advantage, and the Lasting Benefit for These Kingdoms, Glocester, 1775.

Emmett Williams, A Valentine for NoŽl; Four Variations on a Scheme, Barton, Vt., 1973.

Emmett Williams, Rotapoems, Stuttgart, 1966.

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